Balenciaga Fall 2014 RTW

I think it’s quite clear that I’m a huge fan of Alexander Wang. But something’s different about his work at Balenciaga. The sophistication and boldness of the structure is even louder at Balenciaga than it is in his other collections. You can see everything happening at Wang’s presentations – laser-cuts, knitwear, beads, fur, leather. Some of the shilouettes from SS14 show continued, with cocoon shaped coats and dresses, but the shrugs, or the shoulder warmers and the thick belts hugging the waists are new inspirations. This show, the pieces took us to a mysterious ocean with glamours beaver fur and bright beads on the shoulder warmers that look like “sea urchins” as calls it, and the white mermaid-like tunic that emphasises the sexiness of exposed sides. Women wearing Balenciaga should feel a lot more confident and sexier in these Fall 14 pieces – especially those trousers with zippers lining down the long, feminine legs. They bring the most emphasis to the feminine lines without having to point it out too obviously. I don’t think it’s necessary for someone to applaud Wang for what he has done this season again, because he’s been doing it ever since he started his career. But it’s rare to love every single piece that has been presented on the runway and recognise its wearability. That’s what Balenciaga does – it brings out the desire to be more feminine and sexy without having to try too hard. 


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Balenciaga Spring 2014 Ready-to-wear

I think Balenciaga’s recruiting Alexander Wang as their new designer was a touch of heaven. Paris Fashion Week itself is full of phenomenal designs that we still have to absorb, but definitely, Alexander Wang had the most innovative ideas to put out there. Many people admired how loyal he was to the brand’s legacy, while still showing a bit more of himself in his designs. 

There were so much to absorb: his high waisted floral pants to his black and white blazer outfits, it was a great opportunity for the fans of both brands to see them come together. It’s not just the patterns and colours. It was all about the silhouettes and the cuts that made it so much more appealing. Whether it’s a perfect, petit A-line skirt, sporty shorts, tulip shaped dress, sleek and sexy blazer and peplum tops, it’s all there. And let’s not forget about his accessories! The heels had a bit more of a personal and feminine touch to it with lingerie straps at the heels and ankle strapped woven heels for the sporty looks. It’s all in the details to make the look perfect!

I’m not sure if I ever thought ‘I could wear that’ when I saw Balenciaga’s previous RTW collections. But with Wang’s collection, I think I was wishing it was already a part of my wardrobe. Not sure if it’s because I love me some androgynous boxy cuts, and this show was full of it, or I’m just completely biased towards the designer. I think it’s fascinating that he managed to capture the looks of sexy and feminine as well as the boxy athletic look all at once. It was a big appeal to not just high class Parisian girls, but women from all over the world in diverse classes. 

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