Bad Weather is just an excuse not to have fun

So far, London’s weather is not the most impressive and predictive, but that will not stop me from proficiently spending my days until my program starts. I feel like I was all over the place today!! I can’t really feel my legs – that’s how much time I’ve spent outside, just running around in rain. 

My friend has never been to London Bridge, so I decided to show her around (taken that I am also kind of a tourist myself right now…). And man, did the weather suck. It was extremely cold, almost like Canada!!!!!, and windy… But once more, I was amazed at the view from the London Bridge and the walk towards Tower Bridge. The weather may have been bad, but I think that’s the typical London thing, so gotta get used to it I guess! We’ve made the best out of it.

One thing that’s left out of my very productive day is probably another trip to the LFW scenes… I’m sure it was amazing!!! Jealous of everyone who could go!!!


La Notte lion sweatshirt

J.Crew Minnie pants

Topshop booties

Kenzo clutch


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