Muskoka day 1

Finally, all my paperwork’s done and everything’s ready for my move to london. This means I need to fully enjoy my time in Toronto and make memories as much as I can! My family and I decided to do a little trip to Muskoka before my time was over in Toronto. Last year, we went to Tobermory and it was one of the most memorable times in my life! It’s such a great place to relax, so we hoped this year’s trip would do the same. There’s nothing in the world that’s better than a quiet lake or a beach that calms me the most. I’m so glad that Toronto, as well as Ontario, is full of them ❤  All I can say is that if I didn’t love the city life so much, I’d do Muskoka again any day.

 I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels foolish dressing up for places like this. All I needed was a loose shirt, legging pants, and my 2 dollar flip flops to satisfy me. The amazing thing about these pants is that these make my legs look so long and slim, and still feel so comfortable. Nuff said!


Aritzia Boyfriend shirt (similar)

Vintage Micky Mouse grey t-shirt

J.Crew Pixie Pants 

I can’t help but share other pictures of how beautiful and fun Muskoka was!


Strawberries from the Farmer’s Market!!ImageImage


Gull LakeImageImageImageImage

Hardy Lake! They have some serious untouched trail over there and I got eaten by the mosquitos, but loved how silent the whole trail was!


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