Christian Louboutin Retrospective Exhibition

I’m so glad that Christian Louboutin decided to have his exhibition at Toronto before I left the city. It’s probably one of the most exciting fashion moments in my city. Everyone’s been getting a glimpse at the masterpieces that haven’t been on the windows of Davids or in the shoe salons in Holt Renfrew. 

Even though I got the chance to go a bit later than the opening date, it was still mind-blowing to see his work over the last 20 years. I can’t believe it’s only been 20 years, because I think he has so much to show! 

I didn’t bring my camera because I had to take notes the whole time I was there, so excuse the quality of these pictures taken with my friend’s phone!! Thanks Rachel for taking pictures for meeee!!! 



the Disney collaboration – Cinderellas!!!!!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Club Monaco top

Rag and Bone black jeans

J. Crew Metallic Everlys (apparently sold out of silver online)

Coach gathered leather clutch (old)



Botanical situation

Hi all! I realized I have a lot of summer casual outfit posts, and not many of formal or more dressy posts. I hope it’s okay, because at the moment, I’m in a tomboy phase. The weather is getting hotter and hotter as we’re working our way into September, which is a typical messed up Toronto weather pattern! When it should be warm, we get snow, when it should get the chills, we get a feels-like-40 weather.

As for my casual outfits, I guess it’s because I don’t have a lot of occasions to dress up for these days. I’m just concentrating on getting my stuff packed for the move to London, and if not, planning picnics!!

It was my best friend’s birthday, so we went to the Toronto Botanical Garden. We didn’t see beds and beds of flowers, as we were expecting, but it was quiet and relaxing. If you’re looking for huge beds of flowers, TBG isn’t quite what you’ll be amused with, unfortunately…


Urban Outfitters khaki button down shirt as seen here

Tshirt from Korea

Aritzia shorts

Tomboy love

I love them heels and silk blouses, but I can’t get enough of chunky boy sweaters and oxfords! I think everyone around me knows that I love the tomboy look as much as I am girly. If you don’t like really tight clothes or always wearing skinny jeans, the whole boyfriend fit would be the best alternative. Sometimes, a girl needs more a man’s attire to make herself feel more comfortable! 




J.Crew Men’s crewneck sweater (similar in merino wool)and linen pants

American Apparel denim crop top

Topshop oxford shoes (old)

MCM wallet