Convocation recap

I love the feeling of getting things over and done with. Even now, when I think about the moment I’ve finished all my essays and exams, I feel so lively and refreshed. But this convocation was a bit different. At first, when I RSVPed to University of Toronto’s convocation, the process was a bit like signing up for courses. And since it was my family’s third convocation at the same university, we didn’t quite feel the excitement. But now it’s done, and everyone is recapping through facebook or instagram, so I decided to do it through my blog!

The dress hunt was a hard one. I wanted something I’d wear even after the convocation as an outfit. Nothing too bland, but nothing too flashy either. No frills, yet no solids. I found this really cute collared dress at Club Monaco, and the amazing thing about it is, that it’s has pockets! Love it in a whole package. My shoes, I’ve been eyeing for about, maybe half a year. It was a great time for me to finally spend money on my beautiful JCrews. 



dress: Club Monaco

Shoes: JCrew Metallic Everly Pumps



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