Neon Citron

When I first found this sweater, I was really hesitant about how neon it was. I have a few neon pink pieces, but seeing this green, it looked a little too fluorescent. But, I saw this sweater with a pair of white shorts, and I just had to buy it. It’s one of my favourite sweaters now! Since some may be familiar with the all-white outfit already, I decided to pair it with a granite-coloured shorts.

Neon always shines better with a something light and subtle underneath. If you think you already have enough neon flashing in your outfit, you probably don’t want to quieten it down with another loud piece. Pair it up with another small neon or not-too-dark piece!

It’s also a sweatshirt, so I bought it in a medium to wear it in a boyfriend fit!


So I forgot to bring my camera out with me today, and all these pictures are taken with my friend’s phone… Sorry about the quality!



J.Crew Cashmere plaited sweatshirt

Aritzia Starboard shorts

Coach bag (old)

Sperry Top-sider for J.Crew boatshoes in the minty green


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