Filter Free Weather

When do I hate myself the most? When I’m lazy. So I decided to promise myself that MIB will be my first priority from now on!

To be honest, I find Toronto a very ordinary city. However, the weather is anything but. I’ve never seen Toronto’s cherry blossoms, and since it might be the last time I see my fellow graduating friends who are going back to Korea, this was one of the things on the bucket list. 

It’s been years since I’ve gone to a picnic, so I had a hard time choosing my outfit. I decided the simple, the better, so just a low key t-shirt and shorts kept me light and with a shirt or a sweater on top, I was debating between the posh shirt-on-shoulder look, or keeping it on DL with it knotted on the waist. Both looks are fun for a picnic on a 22 degree weather!



Skull T-shirt from Korea

Club Monaco shorts (old)

J Crew chambray shirt

Sperry Top-Sider for J Crew boat shoes

Coach Kristin crossbody bag (old)


2 thoughts on “Filter Free Weather

  1. Wow so pretty!!! I have been wanting to go see cherry blossom so bad!! and your outfit so pretty and YOU!!

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