Style Icon #4: Lily Kwong

Lily Kwong, A Fashion Icon

Who wouldn’t wanna be this girl?! Killer body, sweet smile, amazing designer cuzzie, and above everything, a phenomenal fashion sense. The first time I saw Lily Kwong was in one of the editions of Vogue where it featured the best dressed and most influential fashion women along with Michelle Obama. Then I saw her in Candice Lake’s NYFW street styles, and then with Altuzarra in one of the photoshoots. She has an impeccable style and has an aura around her that no one else can duplicate. I’m a huge fan of Altuzarra as well, and she always pulls it off perfectly, that it makes me fall in love with his work even more as well. 



Why a style icon?

What I love the most about Lily Kwong is that she isn’t afraid of patterns. Because of her sleek hair and fair complexion, I think the patterns come alive even better. It’s not that these printed patterns are overloaded on her outfit. The silhouettes are subtle, yet statement-making. She’s like a white piece of paper, and you could give her anything, she could pull it off. That’s why she’s so inspirational ♥


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