March Instagrammin

So, no fashion week for me, because it’s the busiest week of the year at school, and I can live with that because it will be my last. Even though I’m quite sad about not being able to go to any of the shows, I’m willing to spend my energy towards U of T’s infamous essay week torture, because there will be plenty of fashion shows to come, but only one fourth year of university. 

Enough about school. Today was apparently the first day of spring in Canada, but, man, it was freezing out there. Deceived once again by the sun, I unwillingly accept that it’s not time for spring yet… But in my most sincere wishes for warmer weather, here are some of my Instagram moments of March that I’d like to put in the past.



Casual Sunday Attire

It feels like forever since I’ve uploaded an outfit post! All due to my hiding in libraries for a busy essay week, I haven’t had neither an outfit to post, nor someone to take pictures for me. The essay weeks aren’t over yet, but it’s SUNDAY and I wanted to enjoy.

When I looked at a lot of my outfit posts, I realized that a lot of my outfits were quite dressy. To be honest, I’m more of a sweater-and-jeans kinda girl. It’s hard to always wear skirts and statement necklaces all the time, so I love just snuggling under a big oversized sweater with running shoes.

It’s school tomorrow again, and thank god, it’s nice and sunny, so I’ve got a chance to enjoy my Sunday. Hope you enjoyed yours too!!



J.Crew Cocoon Coat, men’s Crewneck sweater, socks

American Apparel denim crop button-up

J Brand jeans

New Balance 556 series

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Style Icon #3: Lee Hi

Lee Ha Yi, better known as, Lee Hi

Born 1996, Korean singer

For those of you who don’t know anything about Kpop, it’s sometimes safe not to, because it’s simply addictive. Kpop celebrities are the new standards for Korean fashion: from the stage to airport, everyone knows what everyone’s wearing. So if you think Psy and Gangnam Style is all there is in Kpop, think again. From the same record label and agency that brought you Psy’s Gangnam Style, here’s Lee Hi, a 16 year old singer who’s adorable, yet so talented. Recently, she’s released an album, First Love, and her new music video, It’s Over, shows her adorable, girly, and lovable style. Not only did I fall in love with her voice, but her outfits are so refreshing and stylish, that I’m obsessed.



Why a style icon?

Well, to be honest, her agency works with the most fashionable people in Korea, that it’s always such a pleasure to see how they wear what they wear. I feel like Kpop girl groups are all dressed the same, but when I see Lee Hi, her outfits are like no other; she keeps it cute, simple, yet lovely and hip. If you’re a Kpop fan, you’d know what I’m talking about when I say YG has a lineup of fashionistas. If I just introduced you to it, trust me, with this girl, you’re off to a good start!

(Check out her music video here)