Instagram and Pinterest craze

Happy and merry Valentine’s day to you all! Even though it’s over and done with. So I tried to take a photo of the ootd, butttttt I cut my hair on Tuesday and look like a little newspaper boy, so I didn’t like how my pictures turned out! HA. Well, But I’m leaving for NYC tomorrow, so I’ll be taking plenty anyways! 

So I’ve been trying my best to add a link of my Pinterest account to my blog, but I’m quite new, so I don’t know how! 😀 (anyone help…?) I’m making it come to you if you can’t come to mine! The funniest thing with my Instagram account is that I’ve had it for about 3 years, and never used it, because I’m honestly not very good with having various accounts!




Please excuse my blurry 2 year old IPhone camera… :s


Post NYFW Pinterest activities 😉



Happy Instagramming and PInteresting! And see you after I come back from NYC! 


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