Style Icon #2: Gong Hyo Jin

If you’re Korean, you can’t not know this beautiful woman. I think she was one of my faves from even before I can remember. She represents fashion in Korea, and wherever she goes, whatever she wears, it’s completely sold out in a blink of an eye. Everyone around this girl is fashionable, including Doona Bae, Mina Shin, and her ex, Seungbeom Ryu. They were a fab fashion duo, but unfortunately, they had to split, but still are inspiringly fashionable.

Gong Hyo Jin/ Kong Hyo Jin

Born 1980, Korean actress/model/designer


Why a style icon?

Gong Hyo Jin designed a line for Los Angeles Project (LAP), a Korean brand, under her name. Just by looking at the line, we know she’s got a real bold and statement making fashion sense.

She can look classy, casual, adorable, chic, you name it. She’s got an irresistible smile and I’d love to be her ❤


4 thoughts on “Style Icon #2: Gong Hyo Jin

  1. I love lap and hyojin so much! I have some stuffs from LAP…. however..
    the sad story is that I don’t have great body shape like hers :p

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