New York Day 3

I’m already completely nostalgic. The sun was out most of the days, but it was way too windy and icy cold, so I had to defer our planned agenda for Central Park. It’s one of the most beautiful places in NYC and I couldn’t not go. I thought my fingers were going to turn purple and all, but I can probably stand a few hours in the cold if I were in NYC anytime!!

Then we made our way to Dylans Candy Bar… I have this terrible thing with Dylan’s… I love their store and everything, but last time I went and bought something, it got stolen in Bloomingdale’s, and this year… it smashed in front of Bryant Park when I was taking pictures… so no candies whatsoever for me 😥

But it all worked out okay because we went to watch Chicago, and I have to say watching it live was worth every single penny I paid! (I actually bought the last minute ones at TKTF, so it wasn’t that much anyways) Every minute of it was breathtaking! Highly recommend it!



J.Crew Cocoon Coat, Men’s crewneck sweater, MacAlister boots

Uniqlo legging pants

Alexander McQueen scarf

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC



New York – Day 2

Since we didn’t have much time in NYC, we crammed a lot of things in one day. Day two was mid to upper Manhattan! The weather was fantastic and the experience was pricelessss. I went to MoMA, had a meal at Sarabeth’s, shopped at Uniqlo, anddddd saw Wicked!!!! Busy day, but I wish my everyday was this thrilling!


J.Crew Cocoon coat, denim vest, Campfire socks, MacAlister boots

Tshirt from Korea

Rag and Bone jeans

American Apparel beanie

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag

New York – Day 1

Last 4 days in NYC were amazing! On the day that we arrived, I was wearing clothes from work, so no outfit pictures, unfortunately… NYC was as dreamy as I remembered it! I’ve been there two years ago and was stuck in the Hurricane Sandy, but it’s just too good to resist! The weather was pretty great too, compared to Toronto. I thought it was crazy cold when I was there, but once I came back to Toronto, it was unbearable. :s!!! 


Rockefeller Center, Bouchon bakery, Cole Haan, Grand Central Station, Times Square… Need I say moreeee?! I’ll be posting the outfit pictures soon!!! 🙂