One bold colour



Just recently, I’ve discovered a passion for men’s clothes. When I was in high school, I used to purchase everything boyfriend fit, but since I’m very short, I thought it made me look a bit silly. Now, I realize, I’m not the most girly person in the world, and I love the baggy fit and chunky walker boots look on women. And I think it just depends on your little accessories to make it look either feminine or masculine. My hair’s a bit of a mess because of the wind, my boots are messy because of the slush on the ground, but that gives me more of that androgynous look, so I’m not complaining. I’m very cautious with really bright coloured pants, and a lot of people are. But sometimes, you just need to be a little bold and step out of your comfort zone. Image









J.Crew Men’s crewneck sweater and Matchstick jeans

Kodiak boots

Marc by Marc Jacobs bag


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