Parsons scores!

I’m at school, finishing up  my second application for Parsons, and I go on their website to find this amazing journal they created. This just might be the reason why i love and am applying to Parsons.

Click here for the full online view of their issue!



I’ve always been a fan of any kind of fashion journalism, and since I’m applying to Parsons, I obviously had to at least skim through it. As I was flipping through this online journal, I saw a familiar and very well known face that I jumped on the spot.


As some may know, I’m a J. Crew fanatic. I love the company for their styles, cuts, and colours. Before I encountered it in Canada, I already knew about their Tippi sweaters and No. 2 Pencil skirts, and that our First lady, Michelle Obama was as big a fan as I am. So it made me squeak to see Jenna Lyons on the page with my favourite J. Crew pair: Minnie pants. 

The article deals with the J. Crew way of marketing their products: through personalized and meaningful names. The Minnies, Jackies, Tippi, Monas, and Everly each have a story of their own, which makes them more than just fabric to the consumer!

I’ll probably come back with a new outfit in a few days, but take a look at this article! If you don’t have time to read all three pages, the last paragraph is so well written, it deserves some attention!


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