Electric blue

Christmas is tomorrow, but working in retail makes you feel like it’s boxing day for 2 weeks already. I need to shop, you need to shop, everyone needs to shop. My friendsie and I were shopping for gifts to send to Korea for one of our friends who we haven’t seen for a while. The shopping part was a bit crazy, and took all the Christmas spirits from me. Usually during the winter, I used to like wearing very subtle and quiet colours, but I wanted to try something different since this Christmas felt so different.


Despite the madness in the mall, some people were in lovely Christmas spirits. My friend and I went to the baked goods store to purchase some for our friend, and we were rambling on about our maracon cravings. We met a pastry chef while waiting in line and we discussed the beauty of desserts. He recommended their hot chocolate, which is super rich and sweet, and ended up treating us on these dreamy cups! They were amazing, and I think one of the most pleasant suprises we’ve been treated with during Christmas!


My friend ❤ wearing a Michael Kors tote and a coat from Aritzia, holding one of our gifts for my friend in Korea! Hoping it’s a great read as much as it was a great movie to watch!!








grey top from Urban Outfitters

Blue Cafe Capri from J. Crew

necklace and grey snood from Korea

Shoes from Topshop

Wool coat from Artizia

So I bought these pants because I wanted more colour on the bottom, but they were always so difficult to wear. I’ve purposely looked for a boyfriend fit as well, but my legs, as you can see, aren’t super long. But they’re such popping colours, and always look good with more neutral colours like grey and black.

I’m guessing as the weather gets colder, I won’t be able to wear this bright pair, so i decided to do it before the cold hits.

Merry Christmas Eve! Hope it’s sweet and rich like hot chocolate.


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