The Art of Juxtaposition

I love the idea of a paradoxical juxtaposition, especially in fashion. Matchy matchy is always a safe choice, but I think I have way more fun trying on things that go against each other. Something that you wouldn’t even think of going together could make a perfect combination. I guess you would still have to keep in mind the balance of your outfit as well, but that’s what fashion’s all about for me: the unexpected visual shock.







Red top from Korea, jeggings from American Eagle, belt (similar here) and cocoon coat from J. Crew, necklace from Korea.

American Eagle has really comfy casual jeans, jeggings and all. They’re real cheap, and a lot of people think the store is tacky, but there are some real good finds. A lot of people were surprised to hear they were from AE. They’re even cheaper now cause evvverything’s on sale!!! Great chance to get goodies!


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