Best Winter accessories $50 and under

Winter doesn’t always have to be monotoned. It’s easy to get out of the parka + scarf frame with just a few winter accessories!

1. American Apparel Cuffed Acrylic Pom Pom Beanie – $16



The little bit of white adds that warmth in the colour, and because it’s unisex, you can do both girly and boyfriend look!

2. Handmade Knitted Headband from MaryMade – $38


So my friend at work was wearing this in the bright plum colour, and it looked so warm and cute with her blond hair. I searched for something similar everywhere, but nothing beats these Canadian handmade accessories. We need to keep our foreheads and ears warm too!

3. Emerancie from Hunter Boots – $50



I don’t own a pair of hunter boots, but I find rainboots work better than uggs in the snowy Canadian winter. Keep your feet inside those rainboots warm with these cute fair isle socks, especially if your rainboots are dark mono-coloured. 

4. Opaque tights from Kate Spade – $24



I love coloured tights especially in the winter! I think joy in the Christmas season comes from all the colours out there ❤ If you wear a dull coat or a parka on the top, try giving more colour on the bottom! 

It’s a gift from all the retailers for such a great price – colour up your winter this year!



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